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The Reddit XI is a Football Manager Sub-reddit experiment by u/ilovelabradors.

This Wikia is made by u/SportingCampeao, feel free to message if you need help with something, criticism is welcome and it is vital to update the Wiki.

What To Do

If you have your own player that you were able to register, move over to the Reddit XI page and click on the link of the player in question, and start working.

If you have any problems regarding the biography infobox or anything related, message u/SportingCampeao. Need help editing? Click here.

Editing Guide

  • You will need to Log In to make a edit (to avoid vandalism)
  • When doing the height, make sure it ends in a even number, or else you'll have a conversion error.
  • Pictures are optional, but it would be nice to see a picture of the footballer.
  • Mention Youth teams, past clubs, and national teams.
  • Mention nationality and city of birth.
  • When doing Date of Birth, put a number. (Example: Instead of January, put 01.)
  • State number and position.
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